10 Ways to Know You're on a Terrible Children's Ministry Team

Want to know if you're on a terrible Children's Ministry Team?  Here's 10 signs things aren't healthy.

10.  Children's Ministry is seen as "childcare." 

9.  When conflict arises, instead of being addressed in a Biblical manner, it's pushed under the rug and simmers.

8.  Kids are constantly asking, "When is the service going to be over?"

7.  You often hear, "Can you please stay over and serve another service?  We really need you for another hour."

6.  Your feedback is not received or listened to.

5.  You haven't heard the words "Thank you" in a long time.

4.  Change is resisted...especially where it's needed the most.

3.  The church calendar is so full that you find yourself at church more than you are home.

2.  You are kept in the dark due to lack of communication.

1.  Instead of being placed in your area of giftedness, you were asked to serve where there was a "need."

Your turn.  What are some other signs you're on an unhealthy Children's Ministry team?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

P.S. Do you find yourself on a terrible team?  Here's some help.