Evolution...Are Your Kids Buying in?

A recent Gallup poll reveals that over 60% of Americans believe in evolution. 

The battle for the heart of the next generation continues.

On February 6, Ken Ham, a well known Christian apologist and outspoken evolutionist, Bill Nye, will meet for a public creation-versus-evolution debate.

Nye was the popular host of the children’s TV show Bill Nye the Science Guy, which was produced by Disney during the 1990s. An outspoken evolutionist, Nye was also featured in a YouTube video last year titled “Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children.”  You can watch the video at this link. 

Nye says, “in another couple centuries,” the creationist worldview “just won’t exist,” saying “there’s no evidence for it.”
Ken Ham, who is the founder of the Creationist Museum, says that Bill Nye has an agenda to teach children not to believe in God. 

The battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation begins long before kids enter a high school or college biology class.

So how do we effectively help kids get a Biblical foundation of the origin of man that will stay with them through their high school and college years?

First, we must teach kids that the Bible is God's Word and you can trust it completely.  We must show them that creation is true because the Bible is true.  Does the curriculum / teaching plan you are using regularly emphasis that the Bible is God's Word. 

Secondly, we must teach kids that creation is the origin of the world and mankind.  If you want to drive out darkness, then the best way is to shine a bright light.  Does the curriculum you are using teach kids the Biblical account of creation?

I am excited to announce that we are releasing elementary kid's curriculum in the next few weeks that will help you teach kids about Creationism.  It is a series called "Mythbusting."  One of the myths that will be busted will be "We came from monkeys."  This series will be available for other churches as well.  Stay tuned for more details.

Thirdly, we must help kids develop critical thinking skills.  The tendency is to completely shelter kids from the theory of evolution.  Then we wonder why they get swayed into accepting it as fact once they walk into a college classroom.

We must must equip them to think critically and see through the lies.