7 Elements of a Great Children's Lesson

Do you want to improve your children's ministry lesson?  Here are 7 elements that will take your lesson to the next level.

1. Play time
Play is how children naturally learn.  The desire to play is in their DNA.  Bring play with purpose into your lesson with games and activities.

2. Child-driven, learner-based discovery
Give children the opportunity to take charge of their learning.  This will not only engage them, but empower them as well.

3. Hold their attention
Keep your lesson moving and honor their attention span.  You have blocks of 5 minutes to keep their attention.

4. Humor
Kids learn when they laugh.  

5. Exploration
Kids are explorers.  Give them the opportunity to investigate and make choices.

6. Movement
They were made to move.  Don't pin them to a chair for the entire lesson.

7. Surprise
Surprise sparks new interest, keeps the content unpredictable, and adds intermittent reinforcement and renewed interest.

What other elements are part of a great children's lesson?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.