30 Things College or Seminary Can't Teach You About Children's Ministry

There are some things in ministry that can't be learned by simply sitting in a seminary or college classroom.

I am not anti-education.  I have a degree and think anyone that has the opportunity to attend college or seminary as part of their ministry preparation should do so.

That being said...there are some things you will only learn through experience, mistakes, and real time ministry.

Here are 30 things I could only learn through real time ministry.

1. How to walk with a child who is dying of cancer.

2. How to walk with the parents of a child who is dying of cancer.

3. How to conduct the funeral of a child who has died from cancer.

4. How to lead staff.

5. How to lead volunteers.

6. How to be good husband.

7. How to be a good father.

8. How to navigate confrontation properly.

9. How to love kids and families.

10. Loyalty.

11. How to communicate a vision with passion.

12. How to enlist volunteers.

13. How to equip volunteers.

14. How to encourage volunteers.

15. How to empower volunteers.

16. Initiative.

17. Character.

18. How to communicate effectively with kids.

19.  How to communicate effectively with parents.

20. Tenacity.

21. How to encourage and comfort a child whose parents are divorcing.

22. Wisdom.

23. What to say "no" to.

24. Balance.

25. How to make a new guest family feel loved and welcomed.

26. How to build trust with people.

27. Unity.

28. How to talk with a child whose parents have died.

29. How to receive and process feedback, input, and ideas.

30. How to remain teachable.

What are some other things you didn't learn in a classroom, but in real time?  Add them to the list by sharing your thoughts in the comment section below.