Bad Breath in Children's Ministry

Have you ever been repulsed by someone who has bad breath?

You were kind, but inside you were echoing the donkey from Shrek's blunt proclamation.  "You need a Tic Tac!  Your breath stinks!!!

When you get contaminated by someone with bad breath, that's usually the main thing you remember about that person.

You definitely don't want your first-time guest families remembering bad breath.  It may seem like a small thing, but it can ruin their first experience.

Here's some ways to make sure you and your team have fresh breath instead of fungus breath.

Make sure your breath is fresh.  Avoid ordering onion rings at the drive thru on the way to church.

Keep mints with you at all times.  Pop one in before every service or when you will have close contact with people.

Provide mints for your team...especially for your greeters...and let them know they're available.

If someone repeatedly has bad breath, have a conversation with private of course...and at a distance of 3 feet away.   Be kind and are doing them a favor.  They probably just don't know.  No one has had the courage to tell them.

Want to know if you have bad breath?  Here's 5 quick tests that will tell you.  And no...this is not an advertisement for "Testamints."