Want to Find Out if Kids Like Coming to Your Church? Ask Them These 2 Words

Do you want to know if kids like coming to your church or not?  There are two words you can ask them to find out.

These two words carry a lot of weight for a child.

The first word is FUN.  If you want to find out if kids enjoy coming to your church, ask them if it's fun or not.

Stand by the pick-up door and you'll hear this question asked by parents over and over.  "Did you have fun today?"

To a child here's what fun means.  I was engaged...they kept my attention...they taught using my learning style...it was interactive...I got to talk...I got to move around...I got to play a game...it was age-appropriate for me...it honored my attention span.

They may not articulate it like that...but when they say "fun" that's what they mean.

The second word is BORING.  When a child says something is boring, it means the opposite happened.  The lesson was not engaging...it didn't hit their learning style...they had to sit still...they couldn't talk...they were lectured to...it didn't keep their attention.

So...if you want a true picture of how effective your children's ministry is at engaging kids with God's Word....ask them what they think.  All you need to ask are those two words.  Is it fun or boring?