5 Things You Should Never Delegate Away

Delegation is key to accomplishing your goals.  We talked about this in a previous post.  But there are some things that you shouldn't delegate away.

As the children's ministry leader, it's your job to cast vision.  Others can help the vision walk, but you've got to articulate it.

Philosophy of Ministry
What are the principles that will guide your ministry?  It's your job to spell them out clearly so the team will know the base for decision making.

Your team will never be more passionate than you.  You have to lead the charge forward.  You must be the thermostat not the thermometer.

Enlisting Volunteers
You should always be bringing people onto the children's ministry team.  You can't do this alone, but you must lead by example.

Write thank you notes.  Personally walk through the ministry and thank people for serving.  People need to hear it from you.