Generation Touchscreen

Who's leading the way in a new generation of kids who use touchscreen more often than a keyboard?

The kids in your early childhood rooms!  The use of touchscreen apps for kids under five is accelerating.  

A recent study shows that 38% of kids two and younger have used mobile devices, up from 10% two years ago.  47% of three to five-year-olds are able to navigate a smartphone and 57% can operate at least one app.

Ownership of tablets among families with preschoolers has increased from 8% to 40% in two years.  The amount of time preschoolers spend with touchscreen tablets has tripled during this same time frame.  The average infant or preschooler spends 15 minutes a day with a touchscreen device.  Infants and toddlers spend twice as much time with tablets as with books.

As the prevalence of tablets and smartphones increases with kids under five, more kids entertainment companies – including Nickelodeon and Disney - are expanding in the mobile preschool space.  Here are the top 5 apps that are connecting with Generation touchscreen.

1. Disney Story Central – Disney
2. PlayKids – Movile
3. Endless Numbers – Originator
4. Little People Player – Fisher-Price
5. Disney Junior Appisodes – Disney

The preschoolers you are ministering to truly are digital natives.  Are you prepared to connect with them?