7 Things Effective Children's Ministry Leaders Do Before Lunch

Routine is a children's ministry leader's best friend.  Effective leaders follow a schedule and are very intentional about how they spend their time.

Morning time sets the tone for the entire day.  How you spend your mornings will largely determine how productive your day is going to be.

Here's 7 things effective children's ministry leaders do every morning.

1. Get up early.  Effective children's ministry leaders get an early start.  You will rarely catch them hitting the snooze button.  

2. Spend time with God.  They start their day by connecting with God through prayer and Bible reading.  Their ministry is an overflow of their relationship with God.

3. Eat something healthy for breakfast.  They realize that the first meal is the most important meal of the day.  They fuel their body with healthy food choices.

4. Read to learn.  Whether it's a book, blog, news feed or website, they make time to grow as leaders.

5. Make a do list.  They make a list of tasks they want to accomplish that day.

6. Block time to check email.  They check their email and respond where needed.  Instead of being controlled by email throughout the day, they have set times to check it. 

7. Tackle the big tasks first.  They prioritize their tasks and work on the most important ones first instead of procrastinating.

Your turn, share with us in the comment section below.
What are some other parts of your morning routine as a leader?
What are some other morning practices you have observed in effective leaders?