Jan 28, 2015

10 Qualities of a Great Children's Ministry Volunteer

Who are the top volunteers in your ministry?  You know, the ones you'd like to clone.  The ones you've told, "If I had 100 more volunteers like you, we could reach all the kids in this city." 

What are the qualities that make these volunteers seem to have an "S" on their shirt? 

They are always in their spot.  You can always count on them.  Week in and week out, they show up and make a difference.  They are long-termers. 

They don't fight change, they embrace it.  If there is a mix-up and they don't get all of their supplies, they roll with it.  If there is a last minute change, they adjust with a smile. 

Team Player
They don't have their own agenda.  They see the big picture.  They get along well with other volunteers. 

They are an encourager.  You look forward to seeing them each week.  They have a "let's take the mountain" attitude. 

When they say they will do something, they follow through.  They are known for their character.   They have a solid reputation at work and in the community. 

Provide Good Feedback
They provide good feedback and give you ideas that help improve the ministry. 

Care About Kids
They love working with kids.  Kids are drawn to them.  Parents request for their child to be in the person's group.

They are all in.  They go the second mile.  When an event is over, they stay and clean up with you to the end.  You have to tell them to go home at times.  

They are always looking for ways to improve.  They are on the front row at volunteer training.  They take notes during the pastor's message.  

Serve From the Overflow
They have a growing faith.  They are a spiritual leader to other volunteers.  They keep themselves spiritually healthy.

Who is one of your great volunteers?  Share the person's name and why they are such a great volunteer in the comment section below.  Next Wednesday, I will honor your volunteer here in a special post on the front page.  If you send me their email address as well, I will send them a personal email thanking them for serving on your team and share what you wrote with them.


I have a team of ladies that I meet with throughout the year. They take on the brunt of teaching dates, help with ideas, give me great feedback. I couldn't do it without them! Bedford United Methodist Church, Bedford, PA - Visionary Team! childrensministry@bedfordumc.org

Thanks for sharing with us Erin. Soulds like a great team. Blessings on the Bedford UMC children's team.

Just one? Wow that will be hard to do because I have an amazing team at Hope Church BA ( you met many of them at a conference back in October) But if I have to pick one then that person would be Sande Verel. Sande started out as an assistant a few years back and since then has stepped into many roles and positions. I can count on her for anything and everything. She has a heart for the kids and they really love her. She is full of excitement and a joy to be around. She is one awesome lady! Her email is, balllvrs@yahoo.com

Sande sounds like a great person. It's people like her that make serving in children's ministry such a joy, isn't it. Thank you for honoring her Carolyn.

The volunteer I have that immediately comes to mind is Carlos Roman. Faithfulness--some Sunday's he has to go into work at 4 AM, but ALWAYS shows up for small group and has been doing so for three years. Flexibility--he uses what's on hand and makes it fun for the kids (even if it means making prayer airplanes! :-) ) Team Player--he is always supportive of what we are doing and willingly attends team training. Positive--he's always encouraging me and the other Small Group Leaders-he recognizes its a gift that God has placed us in Children's Ministry. Integrity--not only with adults and showing up (see faithfulness), but always remembers his promises to the kids. Provide Good Feedback--he is always coming up with ideas to make things run smoother for the groups and make things better for the kids-if he sees something not working for a particular child, he lets me know. Cares About Kids--Yes! Not only is he faithful on Sunday morning, he also faithfully serves in AWANA on Wednesday nights! Committed--he ALWAYS helps clean up carpet squares, craft items, trash left behind by the kids--and helps the other group leaders before asking if I need anything before he leaves on Sunday morning. On Wednesdays he stays to transform the TnT room into an area for our church kids choir. Teachable--yes, yes and YES! He fits your description perfectly! Serve from the overflow--absolutely! He is a perfect picture of this! I wish I could clone Mr. Roman. :)

I would like to honor Erin Brewer. Erin co-led our children's ministry when our church first began 20 years ago. She has been a teacher in our ministry that whole time. She is always prepared, always on time, always building into our ministry. Erin created the curriculum that we use in our 1 & 2 year olds' room. Erin has always supported me as a ministry leader. She fulfills her commitment, jumps in extra when needed and shares all the little extras that she comes up with for her lessons. She is quiet and unassuming and a strong Godly woman. Erin is a gold standard in Children's Ministry.

This is a great article that I plan to share with my volunteers. I am thankful for the many who give of their time and energy each week at our church, but when you asked who is one of my great volunteers, my mind immediately goes to Tom Schmidt. Tom is a faithful husband and loving father and a man you want to be around. He always goes the extra mile in anything he does and the kids are drawn to him. He is that person that you can bounce ideas off of, who loves to brainstorm on ideas and projects and who spends countless hours preparing for his small group time with his 2nd grade boys, his AWANA group and when it is his turn to tell the Bible story in our large group time. Tom has filled in for me as the large group host when I have been ill or on vacation. He automatically brightens a room just by walking in to it. I believe if Tom could do life over again, I think he would have been an amazing teacher or children's pastor. I am thankful and grateful he is such an important of our children's ministry at Calvary Bible Church in Neenah, WI and am blessed to call him friend. Tom Schmidt's email is trschmidt@new.rr.com

I have so many amazing volunteers but one of them is Chasity Brooks. She has an amazing passion for kids, plans wonderful activities for the kids inside and outside of the classroom, is always prepared beyond measure and on time, and would do anything for our ministry! She is one of those teachers that the kids can't wait to get to her class! She is making such an impact on our preschoolers and we all love her dearly!

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