Why You Shouldn't Have a Vision For Your Children's Ministry

If you serve as a children's ministry leader in a local church, you are not called to build your "own kingdom" inside the church.  You are called to help the Lead Pastor build the entire church.  This also means it's not your job to create your own "vision" for the children's ministry.When a church has ministries going their own direction, the result is misalignment.  But when the entire ministry is headed in the same direction, speaking the same language and pursuing one vision...the result is unity.  And where there is unity, the Spirit of God brings His blessings.

What if I don't know what my Pastor's vision for the church is?  Sit down and have a conversation with him.  Find out what his vision is.  Then ask how he sees that vision translating into children's ministry.

Should I create my own vision statement for our children's ministry?  I would encourage you to align your children's ministry vision statement as close as possible with the church's overall vision statement.

Here's an example.  Our church's vision statement is - We are called to impact our world with love and message of Jesus Christ...everyone...everyday...everywhere.  For the children's ministry, we translated this into - We are called to impact kids and families with the love and message of Jesus Christ...everyone...everyday...everywhere.

What if I can't align with the Pastor's vision for children's ministry?  When we operate under the authority of the vision of those who lead us, we will be blessed.  If you find yourself in a place where you cannot wholeheartedly align with the Pastor's vision, then it is best to leave quietly and find another church where you can.  It is vital that you be aligned with the vision for the entire church.