Why Children's Ministry Influences Kids for a Lifetime

A study was done involving over 140 elementary students.  Their personality traits were evaluated and documented.

40 years later, they were evaluated again.  The traits they exhibited as adults mirrored the traits they had exhibited as children.

The most interesting thing to me...the researchers said though personality plays a big role in how kids turn out as adults...they also documented that life events are also a major determining factor.

The first five years of a child's life are the most formative.  Much of what a person becomes is developed during this time with the first three years being the most critical.

As a children's ministry leader, you have the unique privilege of influencing children at the most important time in their life.  What you teach them will not only make a difference in their lives now, but will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  You are helping shape their future.

John 15:16 says you will bear fruit and your fruit will remain.  The awesome thing about serving in children's ministry...you will bear fruit now and later.  You get to see the kids you invested in grow up and become adults who are serving God and making a difference. 

Be encouraged.  The fruit you see now is just the beginning.  When you influence a child...you influence them for a lifetime.  Now that is fruit that remains!

If you haven't seen the video "Now and Later" check it out and share it with your team.