10 Ways Your Children's Ministry Can Use Technology

Technology is a great tool children's ministries can use to minister to kids, parents and volunteers.

Here's 10 ways your children's ministry can use technology.

Electronic Check-in
Safety and security must be a top priority for children's ministries.  Electronic check-in is the way to go.  Kidcheck.com is a great choice.  Check them out.

Facebook Page for Parents
Facebook is a great way to connect with parents.  If you'd like an example, you can see ours here.

Facebook Page for Volunteers
Facebook is also a great way to connect with volunteers.  If you'd like an example, you can see ours here.

Text Messages for Parents
98% of text messages get read.  This is a great way to connect and communicate with parents.

Online Registration
A great tool for registration for camps, events, classes, dedications, etc.  Here is an example of one of ours if you'd like to see it.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps can be used to connect with parents and teach kid's God's Word.  Check out the Bible App for Kids. 

Family Information / Database
A database allows you to keep contact information and records for families.  It also helps you track the spiritual growth steps of kids and families.  

Media Presentations
Today's kids are very visual.  Programs like PowerPoint, Pro Presenter, Keynote and Media Shout are all great options for communicating visually with kids.

Online Volunteer Training
Hard to get volunteers to come to training?  Take the training to them.  Grab a camera.  Record your training.  Post it online.  Send the link to your volunteers.  Follow-up with discussion questions when you meet before the weekend service.  Here's an example if you'd like to see it

Parenting Tips
Equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their kids by creating parenting tips videos.  You can then send them the link to watch the video.  Here's an example if you'd like to see it.

What are some other ways you use technology in your children's ministry?  Share with us in the comment section below.