Have You Considered Using This Great Idea from McDonald's in Your Children's Ministry?

In children's ministry, we are always looking for ways to bring families closer together.

McDonald's has a new promotion that is a incredible idea for doing this.

It's called "Payin' With Love."  Here's how it works.

They randomly select a customer.  After the customer places their order, the employee tells them they don't want cash for payment.  Instead, they want them to show an expression of their affection for payment.  They ask the customer to do something like calling their mother to say I love you, hugging the person with them, giving someone a fist bump, etc.

One of my friends experienced this last week.  They were asked to pay for their food by telling the family member they were with that they loved them.

What if we used this idea in children's ministry?  Perhaps we offer a free gift to a child who is checking in if he hugs his parents and tells them he loves them.  Perhaps we give a family a gift card to a restaurant for sharing one thing they appreciate about each other as they are leaving church.  Perhaps we offer a child free admission to an event if she does something kind for her sister.  Perhaps we give a family a month of reserved parking at church for writing a note of appreciation to each other.

I'm going to try this out at our church this and then I'll post in the comment section and let you know how it went.

What do you think?  What are some other ideas for doing this?  Share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

Here's the video of what McDonald's is doing if you'd like to see it.