Do Kids Look at Your Children's Ministry Like This?

Recently a group of kids had a VCR placed in front of them and were asked what it was.  A few of the kids knew, but for the most part, they were bewildered.  For kids who are growing up with streaming content, a VCR and VHS tape is something from the dark ages.

You see...content is content.  But the method that is used to deliver the content must change to stay in sync with technology, trends and times.  It makes no sense to use VCR's anymore...especially when you're delivering content to a streaming generation.

In many cases, churches and children's ministries are fading.  Why?  Is it because of their content?  No.  It's because the methods they are using to deliver the content are outdated.  Kids and families from a streaming generation are walking in the door and looking with bewilderment at VCR ministry.

Want to know if you're a VCR ministry in a streaming world?  Here's a few ways to tell.
  • Is your music style from a time when VCR's were popular?
  • Are your programs as complicated as programming a VCR or simple as pushing a button on an iPad?
  • Are your lessons geared to meet the needs of the VCR generation or the streaming generation?
  • Do you know more about the culture of VCR kids than you do of streaming kids?
Bottom line:  Our content never changes.  But the methods we use to deliver the content must change to stay relevant to the culture in which we are ministering.  Ministries that hang onto VCR methods will have a hard time being effective in a streaming world.