A Powerful Way to Impact a Child's Life

Do you want to impact a child's life?  Here's a story of a mother who impacted her daughter's life by using some "old technology."  

In 2003, Stephanie Skylar was a mom working full-time as an executive for a grocery store chain. 

Because Stephanie worked full-time, she felt she might be letting down her 11-year-old daughter during her most formative years.  

So Stephanie decided to write an encouragement note to her daughter every day and leave it in her lunch box.  Her daughter, who is now 23, kept every letter.   

She said, "My mom wrote me these letters because she believed in the person that I was always meant to be.  I am eternally grateful for those reminders." 

This is a great reminder...in a time when kids are bombarded with digital communication...a handwritten note is gold.  

If you want to impact a child's life, write them a handwritten note. 

  • take a cue from this mother and consider regularly writing your child a note of encouragement
  • write notes and prayers of blessings in your child's Bible
  • write a letter to your child during milestone events in their life like birthdays, spiritual decisions, etc.
Children's Ministry Leaders
  • send handwritten notes to first-time guests
  • send handwritten postcards to kids who are absent
  • send notes of encouragement and blessing to kids in your ministry
There is so much power in written words.  Below are a few examples of the notes Stephanie sent to her daughter.  May it inspire and encourage us to use written words to impact kids' lives.