The Secret to Attracting High Capacity Volunteers

This past weekend, I was spending some time with one of the parents in our ministry.

He is a high capacity leader.  He started and owns his financial business which is very successful.  In addition, he has his own radio program and is often interviewed on live television shows on Fox, CNN and MSNBC.

I asked him what drew him to our ministry and he shared some very interesting insight.

He said the big vision of the church leadership was one of the key determining factors.  He wanted to maximize the resources and influence God has placed in his hands.  That requires a big vision to follow and invest in.

He said the capacity of the leaders was another key determining factor.  He wanted be part of a group of leaders who would challenge him and help him grow. 

I walked away from that conversation realizing again that these are the keys to attracting high capacity volunteers.  Here's a few takeaways I wrote down.

1. Big-time vision attracts big-time volunteers.  How big is your vision?  Is it big enough to attract people who want to make a big-time impact?  Increase your vision and you will increase the capacity of your volunteers.  High capacity leaders want to be part of something bigger than themselves.  This means if a vision is not going to challenge them, they will be reluctant to engage with it.

2. You attract what you are.  High capacity leaders attract high capacity volunteers.  Your volunteers are a direct reflection of your leadership.  If you want to attract better leaders, then get better as a leader.

3.  Make your vision clear and easy to understand.  High capacity leaders won't waste time trying to figure out what your vision is and where you're headed.  They won't commit to what they can't articulate.  It needs to be powerful, but simple.  

Bottom line...the secret to attracting high capacity leaders is having a high capacity vision.