Jun 3, 2015

3 Growth Areas New Children's Ministry Leaders Should Focus On

I am currently mentoring a college student in our ministry who is an up and coming children's ministry leader.  He has the calling of God on his life and is eager to grow and learn.  He's just started in a part-time staff role and I believe down the road will be the director of one of our campuses.

This summer, we are focusing on three key areas of growth for him.  These are essentials that I would encourage any young or new children's ministry leader to focus on.

Leading Volunteers and Building Teams
I believe one of the keys to success in children's ministry is building and leading volunteers.  Successful children's ministry leaders are first and foremost team builders.  We will be reading and discussing the book "The New Breed:  Understanding and Equipping 21st Century Volunteers."  He will also be getting hands on ministry experience enlisting, equipping and empowering volunteers.

People Skills - Specifically Conflict Resolution and How to Have Hard Conversations
Ministry is all about people.  If you want to be successful in children's ministry, one of the best things you can do is sharpen your people skills.  This will help you effectively talk with parents, resolve conflict between volunteers and know how to respond to criticism.  We will be reading and discussing the book "How to Have That Difficult Conversation You've Been Avoiding."  

Communication Skills with Kids
He's going to work on his teaching skills and learn how to better capture kids' attention and communicate effectively with them.  He will be reading the book "The Fabulous Reinvention of Sunday School: Transformational Techniques for Reaching and Teaching Kids."  He will also be getting hands on teaching experience and I will give him coaching and feedback.  New children's ministry leaders should constantly be sharpening their communication skills by learning effective techniques and getting feedback.

I am excited to see how he grows this summer.  If you're new to ministry (or even an old-timer like me), I would encourage you to spend time on these three areas.  It can help you become an effective children's ministry leader.

Your turn.  What other areas would you encourage a new children's ministry leader to focus on?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.


I'd add:
4. Keeping a biblical and healthy balance between ministry and your personal life (i.e. relationships, needs, health, refreshments, etc.).
5. Building healthy integrated working relationships with other ministry areas in the church for maximum impact on families and kids. (e.g. working with youth ministry to establish a birth-graduation discipleship development plan, working with adult ministries to help parents with parenting and marriage training, working with care ministries to come alongside and provide support as needed for single parent families, working with the senior pastor to help family and children's ministries be an integral part in accomplishing the vision of the church,etc.)

Those are 2 great areas to focus on. Great insight and wisdom. Thanks for sharing Julie.

I have pages of "The New Breed" typed up and hanging on my office wall. So much good stuff there! It really changed the way I worked with volunteers for the better.

Thanks for the other 2 recommendations, I'll be grabbing those as well!

6. Plan your organization. CM have a lot going on especially if they oversee kids from birth to 18. Organization is key to ensuring things get done. I suggest using binders. If it hits your desk it doesn't leave it without going,into the appropriate binder.
7. Build relationships with other CM's. I have found having a group of likeminded folks around me keeps me sharp and gives me a place to talk out issues.

Great ideas Barbara. Vitally important. Thanks for sharing.

That's awesome John. Volunteers are such an important part for sure.

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