20 Expressions Today's Kids Don't Understand

Use these phrases around kids and you'll probably get a puzzled look. 

Hang up the phone.

Look in the yellow pages.

Check the TV Guide and see what time it comes on.

Open the map and see which road we're supposed to take.

Who's paging me?

Have you checked out his MySpace page?

Get up and change the TV channel.

Can you get off the phone so I can use the internet?

Want to slam some Pogs?

My walkman keeps skipping!

Who shot J.R.?

That's groovy!

Where's the beef?

Let me put that in my Palm Pilot.

I'm dropping this film off to be developed.

Let me check the encyclopedia.

Can you call the travel agent and get a plane ticket?

Has the JCPenny catalog arrived yet?

Let's get that cereal so we can get the toy at the bottom!

Can you please adjust the tracking on the video?

Your turn.  Add to the fun in the comment section below.