People Will Talk...What Are They Saying About Your Children's Ministry?

I believe the number one way a children's ministry grows is word of mouth.

When a parent finds a place that takes safety and security very seriously, they will tell other families.

When a parent sees his or her child come home from church excited, they will tell other families.

When a parent discovers a church that makes children's ministry a top priority, they will tell other families.

When a new mother walks into a nursery that is calm and loving, she will tell her friends.

When a parent asks his or her child what they learned today at church and the child knows....they will tell their friends.

When a parent walks into a children's area that is clean and well prepared, they will tell other families.

"Good gossip" will grow your children's ministry while "negative" gossip will have the opposite effect.

How do you know if you're creating good gossip?  You will consistently have new families walk through the door who heard about the ministry from another family. 

People will talk...what they say about your children's ministry depends on what you give them to talk about.