The Smart Way to Partner with Parents

There is a smart way to partner with parents...literally.

"Smartphones."  Most of the parents in your ministry constantly have them in hand.  In 2011, 35% of American adults owned a smartphone.  Today, it's over 64%.

Here are some smart ways to connect with parents through their smartphones.

Text Messages
Did you know that 98% of text messages get read?  Send a text message to the parents in your ministry and it will get noticed.  You can read here about how to use text messages to partner with parents. 

Most parents are notified when an email hits their smartphone.  Here's another opportunity to email discussion questions, upcoming events, parenting tips and more.

Parents have Facebook on their smartphones and they check it often.  Some of the ways to use this is to start a parent page where you post follow-up discussion questions, parenting tips, upcoming events and more.

Here's another social media platform parents use on their smartphones.  Open a twitter account for your children's ministry.

Open an Instagram account for your children's ministry and use it to post graphics, announcements, parenting tips, etc.

The moms in your children's ministry spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  Post pictures of upcoming lessons, events, parenting tips, etc.

What are some other ways you use smartphones to partner with parents?  Share with us in the comment section below.