10 Staples of a Great Children's Ministry

Here's 10 staples you'll find in a great children's ministry.

Exceptional guest services.  New families are made to feel welcome, comfortable and cared for.  You can read more about how to create this here.

Solid volunteer team.  Behind every great children's ministry is a solid volunteer team.  Without them, there is no children's ministry.  You can read more about how to build a solid volunteer team here.

Focus.  They are focused on their mission and everything they do has been strategically placed to help them accomplish it.  More about this here.

Strong leadership.  Everything rises and falls on leadership.  Behind great children's ministry is great leadership.  Here's how to improve your leadership.

Commitment to God's Word.  The curriculum they use is Bible-centered and grounds kids in God's Word.  More about this here.                                                     

Parent partnerships.  They actively engage parents and equip them to lead their children spiritually.  Here's tips on how to do this.

Engaging programs.  Kids enjoy the programs because they are designed with kids in mind.  The environments are exciting, the lessons capture their attention and the atmosphere is fun.  More tips on this here. 

Solid safety and security processes.  Parents feel safe leaving their children.  Check-in and check-out systems are in place and followed rigorously.  Here's how to meet parent's expectations in this area.

Clear spiritual growth steps.  Spiritual growth steps have been thought through and are in place.  Kids are moved toward spiritual maturity.  More on this here.                                                                  
Prayer.  Everything is under girded with prayer.  There is a humble dependance on God that says, "nothing of eternal value will be accomplished without God."  More about teaching kids about prayer and fasting here.

The floor is yours.  What are some other staples of a great children's ministry?  Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.