20 Leadership Lessons I Learned from Dave Anderson

This past week Dave Anderson came and spent a day teaching our staff about leadership.

Dave is the founder and president of LearnToLead, an international leadership training and consulting company.  He is the author of twelve books and has appeared in hundreds of publications including The Wall Street Journal and US News and World Report.  He is a frequent guest on MSNBC's television show "Your Business."

Dave is a committed believer and also invests in church leaders.  He shared so many great leadership lessons.  Here are the top 20 that I came away with.

What got you where you are won't take you where you need to go.  Don't let your role outgrow you.

Do ordinary things extraordinarily well.

Vision is a daily thing.
A great dream with the wrong team is a nightmare.

Mediocrity talks about credentials.  Greatness talks about accomplishments.

Don't just hire people you like...there are a lot of likeable losers.

Culture is never done.  It's like a garden.  You have to weed, feed and seed it.

Excuses make you ordinary and average.

Excuses are the perfume that lazy people spray to cover their laziness.

Award stepping up not just showing up.

Mediocrity is a choice.  You won't find it on anyone's birth certificate.

The minute you say you are not complacent...you are.

6 Unteachables:
    1. character
    2. drive
    3. energy
    4. passion
    5. talent
    6. attitude
You attract into your organization what you are, not what you want.

You can do a lot of things mediocre and leave a blur or you can do a few things well and leave a mark.

Culture determines behavior and behavior determines results.

You can help people become more than they are, but you cannot help people become something they are not.

Core values are non-negotiable behaviors that broadcast what you expect from your employees and are unwilling to compromise on.

Core values establish your organizations DNA.  They determine what you stand for and what you're not willing to settle for.

If you want great performance, then you must define it.

Have you best people building stuff instead of fixing stuff.