Do You Know the Best Way to Communicate with Parents? You Might Be Surprised When You Find Out

Communication is a critical part of effectively partnering with parents.  What's the best way to communicate with them?  Text?  Facebook?  Instagram?  Linkedin?

You might be surprised to know that a recent survey found that EMAIL is still the preferred medium with 72% of people choosing it over other avenues.

But there are some keys to getting parents to open your emails.
Mobile friendly.  55% of email opens happen on a mobile device.  Remember this when you create emails.  Be careful about attachments, videos and other content that might not be mobile friendly or take longer to open.

Make sure they know it's from you.  The name in the "from" field has to be recognizable.  Parents scan their emails looking for messages from people they know and trust.

Show them it's worth opening.  The subject line and preview text should work together to encourage parents to open the email.  Make it grab their attention.

Make it worth their time.  Send useful, timely, relevant messages.  This can be things like discussion questions from the weekend lesson, special announcements about upcoming events, parenting tips, etc.

Keep it short.  Don't send them a book.  Keep it short and simple.  Avoid long paragraphs.  Use bullet points.