How to Build a Passionate Children's Ministry

What sets childrens' ministries apart, the ministries where volunteers love to serve and kids and families' lives are being changed, is PASSION.

Do you want your ministry to be full of passion?  Here's how to build passion in your ministry.

Have something worth being passionate about. 
Let me re-word that. You already have something worth being passionate about...the Gospel.  There is no greater cause.

The key is constantly helping people make the connection between their serving role and the greater purpose.  Pointing people to the purpose will ignite passion.  

Remember passion is caught more than it is taught.  The passion level of your ministry is a mirror of your passion as a leader.  Show your the point where at times you get very emotional about it.  When was the last time your volunteers saw tears running down your face as you shared your heart for the mission?  When was the last time your earnest prayers echoed through the hallways of your ministry?  When was the last time you fasted for the families of your community?  If you want to raise the passion level of your ministry, then start with yourself.

Surround yourself with passionate people.  When you are passionate, you will attract passionate people.  Surround yourself with them.  There will always be people who feel their calling in life is to throw cold water on the fire.  Be kind to them...but don't let them get close.  If you do, they will douse the flames.  Bring people in close whose passion will encourage and inspire you.  

Fan the flames.  The natural tendency of passion is to wane.  Keep the passion burning by revisiting the purpose often.  Celebrate the passion.  Share stories of the passion.  Honor those who show passion.  

Never be satisfied.  The opposite of passion is complacency.  Keep your passion by staying in growth mode.  Always be reading, stretching, asking questions and seeking God for more. 

When you have passion, you won't have to tell people.  Passion is very evident.  People know it when they see it.