Great Leaders Bring Purpose

Leadership is about more than making decisions, giving good speeches or coming up with great plans.

Leadership is about bringing purpose. It's rallying people to something that's bigger than themselves.
How do great leaders bring purpose?

They move beyond telling people what to do and help people see "why" what they're asking them to do is worth doing.

They help nursery volunteers see that they're helping parents find Christ.  They help preschool volunteers see that they're investing in kids' lives at the most critical time.  They help greeters see that they're preaching a sermon with their smile and "welcome."  They help elementary volunteers see that they're help kids begin a relationship with Jesus.

Great leaders also bring purpose by keeping people focused on it.  The natural tendency is to get bogged down in the minutia and lose sight of the purpose.  A great leader constantly takes people back to the purpose.

Great leaders bring purpose by sharing the stories.  They show people how the purpose is changing people's lives.
We have the greatest purpose in the world...sharing the Gospel with boys, girls, moms and dads. 
If you want to be a great leader...point people to the purpose, keep people focused on the purpose and tell the stories of the purpose being fulfilled.