10 Simple Ways to Immediately Improve Your Children's Ministry

Here's 10 simple things you can implement that will immediately improve your children's ministry.

#1 - Add music in the hallway.  Having music playing in the hallway when families are coming and going will greatly enhance the mood and atmosphere.

This can be as simple as using a portable CD player or iPod with a speaker.

#2 - Fresh paint.  Can't afford to remodel or theme out your children's area?  A simple coat of kid-friendly paint can make a world of difference.

#3 - Ask parents how long you should wait before paging them if their child starts crying.  This takes the guessing out of it and will immediately help new parents feel at ease when they are dropping off their child in the nursery.

#4 - Send handwritten notes to guests instead of emails or form letters.  In the day of technology, a handwritten note is gold and shows people you really care.

#5 - Have your greeters at the doors after the service.  Ask your greeters to be at the doors after the service to tell people good-bye as they are leaving.  This extra touch will make a huge impact.  People remember their last few moments at church and this will make those last few minutes memorable.

#6 - Give guests a special sticker or name tag to let volunteers know they are new.  Volunteers will then know to give these kids extra attention and help them feel welcome.

#7 - Have a photo spot for families.  A simple backdrop with a few props will provide a great place for families to capture a memory.  Change out the backdrop based on the season.

#8 - Start a Facebook page for parents.  It's free.  It's easy.  It's a great way to connect with the parents in your ministry.

#9 - Ask someone who normally isn't in the children's area to come and be a mystery shopper.  Ask them to make a list of their observations and ways you can improve.  Having outside eyes look at your ministry will provide you with valuable feedback.

#10 - Meet with a group of kids and get their feedback on how to improve the ministry.  This simple meeting will give you valuable tips on how to take your ministry to the next level.

Your turn.  Share some simple ideas you've used to improve your children's ministry in the comment section below.