Do You Have an Eye for Detail? Take This Quiz to Find Out

It's important to have an eye for detail.  Why?  Because excellence is found in paying fantastic attention to the small details.  A great children's ministry does the small things well.  And when the details are consistently done well, it builds people's trust and confidence in your ministry.

Trust me.  People notice when the small details are missed.  Your team notices.  Your volunteers notice.  Parents notice.  And yes...even kids notice.

And when you miss a can come back to bite you.  I've learned this the hard way over the years.  Here's an example.  Years ago, we had ordered new t-shirts for all our volunteers.  We asked our ad. min. to send out an email to all our volunteers, letting them know they could pick up their shirt that weekend.  The email went out...but one small, tiny detail was overlooked.  She accidentally left the "r" out of shirt in the email.  Yes...that's email went out to all of our volunteers telling them to come pick up their sh#t that weekend.  Needless to say, we had to do a lot of damage control over that one small detail that was missed.

So how good are you at the details?  Here's a little quiz.  See how many mistakes you can find in the following email.  I'll give you the answer in the comment section below.

Dear Volunteers, 
Thank you for sering this past weekend.  We had great service and saw lots of kids and parent attend.  This coming weekend, wed like to honor you for serving with a free lunch after the service.  Join us in the cafe as we celebate you.  We'll be serving spagetti and Pastor Rob will be present to thank you for your hert for kids and families.  I lok forward to seeing you.  Have a great week and know you are loved and apreciated. 

How'd you do?  If you don't have an eye for detail, it's something that can be learned through discipline and intentionality.  You can also surround yourself with people who do have a natural eye for detail.  And even if you do have an eye for detail, it's still important to surround yourself with other people who have an eye for detail.  One person can't see everything, no matter how good their eye for detail is.

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