A Great Way to Teach 2-Year-Olds About the Bible

Studies show the first 3 years of a child's life are some of the most critical.  Children's brains develop more and faster during these early years than any other time in life.

This being said, it is critical that we help children grasp during their first two years that the Bible is God's Word and Jesus is the center of the Bible.

A great way to do this each week is to hand the kids a New Testament and say to them, "This is the Bible...it's God's Word.  The Bible is about Jesus.  Look inside the Bible for Jesus.  He loves you."  We have a sticker of Jesus inside the Bible.  We have the kids open the Bible and look at Jesus while we are saying this.  We got this idea from our friends at Gateway Church in Dallas.

Here is a picture of the kids doing this a few weeks ago in one of our classrooms.

George Barna has reminded us that "In the race to a child's heart, the first one there wins."  Placing the Bible in a 2-year-old's hands and telling them Jesus loves them is one of the ways you can to get to their heart first.