Dear Volunteer...Here's the Greatest Gift You Can Give a Child

Dear Volunteer,

There's a lot of different things you can give a exciting lesson...a fun game...a quarter to put in the offering...a new Bible...a happy birthday card...candy...a scholarship to camp...Bible knowledge.

But the greatest gift you can give a child is...your presence.  Simply be there.  Week in and week up.  And I mean really show up.  Push aside that task from work that is occupying your mind....push aside your own problems...push aside that text message response...push aside thinking about where you're going for lunch...and be there.  Mind and body.

You see...discipleship doesn't just happen by kids memorizing key Bible verses...even though that's important...discipleship happens through relationship.  The kids in your class need you to know their name...know how things are going at home...know their fears, hopes and dreams...know how they're doing in school.  When you give them the gift of your presence and they know you really care, it will open their heart to receive your spiritual influence.

It does take commitment to give the gift of your presence.  Showing up 10 minutes late and then rushing out as soon as service is out will lesson the potential impact of your gift.  Only serving once a month will diminish the return of your investment.  Standing in the back of the room talking to another adult will shortchange what could be accomplished if you went all in and gave a child your undivided presence.

The good news about don't have to be a Bible don't need a great singing don't have be don't have to don't have to be the world's greatest children's ministry just simply have to be there. 

Your presence can be a game-changer for a child.  You see...all it takes is one caring volunteer to make the difference in a child's life.  Will you be the one?  Will you give a child your greatest gift?