5 Phone Calls You Should Make Every Week

Great ministries are built week by week.  It's the consistent things you do each week that over time compound for great results.  There are 5 phone calls you should be making every week. 

#1 - Call first-time guests.  When you call, simply thank them for coming, ask if they have any questions about the ministry and let them know you're glad to help in any way they may need.  The call should be made within 48 hours after they visit.  Some ministries even make this call the same day of the visit. 

#2 - Call a potential volunteer.  Great volunteer teams are built by personal asks.  We built a volunteer team of over 2,000 people in the ministry I led.  How?  By personlly inviting people to serve every single week.  After years of doing this, we looked up and we had 2,000 people volunteering.  Have a list of people you want to invite to serve and invite at least one of them every single week. 

A great place to get names of potential volunteers is your church's new member's class.  I always asked for these names and was able to enlist hundreds of new volunteers by calling these people.  You can get more great ideas for building your volunteer team by attending the upcoming webinar - "Building Volunteer Teams."  Here's more info.

 #3 - Call a family who was absent.  Studies show families are attending church less frequently.  And if a family misses more than 5-6 weeks in a row, you may lose them altogether.  Keep attendance records and connect every week with a family that has been missing.  Many times God will use your phone call as a gentle reminder of how important it is to be connected to other believers.  The phone call should be made from a heart of love and not a heart of scolding. 

#4 - Call a current volunteer.  Call at least one volunteer each week to simply thank them for serving and to let them know how valuable they are to the ministry.  65% of volunteers say they have not heard the words "thank you" in the last year.  Don't be that leader.  Consistently thank your volunteers.

#5 - Call a parent whose child has indicated they want to begin a relationship with Jesus.  As you share the Gospel with kids and invite them to respond, it's crucial to involve the parents.  Rather than praying the salvation prayer with the kids when they respond, I recommend you invite them to a class with their parents where you share what it means to follow Jesus.  This gives parents the great opportunity to lead their children to Jesus and gives you more time to make sure the child understands the decision.

I can promise you this.  Make these  5 phone calls each week for a year, and you will see great things happen in your ministry!