Inside Look at a Great Children's Ministry in Dallas Area (Pt. 2)

As I shared yesterday, I recently did volunteer training and consulting at two great children's ministries in the Dallas area.

Yesterday, we shared an inside look at the children's ministry of Fielder's Church.  If you missed seeing it, you can access it at this link.

Today let's look inside the second church - Cottonwood Creek Church.

Cottonwood Creek is in the city of Allen, which is a fast growing part of the Dallas metro area.  The church is surrounded by new houses and businesses that are being constructed.  The number of kids and families who live near the church is supposed to increase by over 30% in the next few years.

The children's ministry is currently reaching hundreds of kids and families each week while gearing up to reach the new kids and families that are moving in.  I enjoyed spending the day on Monday with David Marsh, who is the children's pastor, and the staff team.  They are a fun group to be with and are doing an amazing job leading the ministry.  They were in the midst of preparing for their Fall Festival where they host thousands of people on the church property.

Below are some pictures of their children's ministry.  One thing I love about their ministry is how they open the church to host community events throughout the year.  This includes things like hosting events in their auditorium and opening their outdoor volleyball courts to the community.  They also have fields where local soccer teams can play games.

They also have a fantastic follow-up process for first-time guests.  They hand deliver a gift to the homes of guests on Sunday afternoon.  The gift is usually a snack like caramel popcorn, cookies, a cake, etc.  A personal hand-written note is included with the gift as well as a coupon the child can bring back for an additional gift at church.

If you're ever in the Allen area, be sure to check out this ministry.  They are poised for explosive growth as they continue reaching out to the kids and families moving into their community.

Church Campus

Children's Pastor David Marsh and team

Welcome Center

Nursery hallway

Preschool hallway

Preschool hallway

Indoor playground

Preschool chapel room

Creative board for birth announcements

Elementary chapel

Worship center