10 Things That Will Never Change in Children's MInistry

We talk about change all the time.  And we know change is a must if you want to continue to be relevant with kids and families.

Music styles change.  Games change.  Teaching methods change.  Theming decor changes.  Colors we paint the walls with changes.  Technology changes.  Outreach methods change. 

But today, let's take a look at 10 things that will never change in children' ministry.  Things that will remain the same over the years and decades that are ahead of us.

The Gospel.  The Gospel is at the center of everything we do in children's ministry.  Jesus died.  Jesus was buried.  Jesus rose from the dead.  Even though it happened thousands of years ago, the power of the Gospel will never diminish.  As leaders, we must make proclaiming the Gospel our top priority.  And we can do so with the confidence that the power of the unchanging Gospel is still at work today.

Relationships.  Relationships matter now.  Relationships will matter in the future.  Every child needs to be connected to a caring leader who personally knows him or her.  A leaders who invests in the child, challenges him or her and listens to him or her. 

It is through relationships that spiritual growth happens.  It is through relationships that kids are made to feel important.  It is through relationships that kids get connected to a local church.

God's Word.  The B-I-B-L-E.  It is the inspired Word of God now and forever.  It's a love letter sent to children.  It's a manual for spiritual growth.  Though people may try to discredit it, the Bible stands true forever.  Man's unbelief cannot change that. The Word of God will never change.

Volunteers.  You need more volunteers now.  And you will always need more volunteers.  Children's ministry is powered by the strength of volunteers.  Especially if you are a growing ministry.  Effective ministry happens through volunteers.  If you need to know how to grow your volunteer team, then check out my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams."  It's available at this link.

Sin.  Everyone has sinned.  Everyone owes a penalty for their sin.  Jesus died for our sins and paid for them on the cross.  That will never change. 

While some may say to stop calling certain behaviors "sin,"  God hasn't changed His mind about what sin is.  We must continue to warn children of the pitfalls of sin.  Even when it is not "politically" correct to do so.

The Fun Factor.  Kids are wired to have fun.  They are wired to laugh, run and play.  And they hear the same question each week when mom or dad picks them up.

"Did you have fun today?"

The need for kids to have fun at church will not change.  Even when you try to hush them for long periods of time. 

And if you stop and think about it - the question "Did You Have Fun Today?" has a deeper meaning.  Parents are seeking to find out if their child was engaged with the lesson?  Did their child learn something new from God's Word that they can apply to their life?  Did they connect with a leader and other kids?

That question will always be asked.  How kids respond is up to you.

Parental involvement.  Parents will always be needed for effective ministry.  Their involvement greatly influences the spiritual growth of their child.  No matter how great the lesson is at church, the impact will be diminished if the child's parents don't talk about it during the week. 

You will always need to encourage parents to be their child's spiritual leader. 

Prayer.  Kids need to pray.  Volunteers need to pray.  Leaders need to pray.  The power of prayer will always be effective.  The "prayer of a righteous man (woman) " is just as powerful as ever.  Teach kids to pray.  Pray FOR the children.  Pray WITH the children.  

God's love.  Nothing can ever change God's love for the children in your ministry.  His love never fails.  Help kids understand just how much God loves them. Help them see His love for them is unending.

Leadership.  Children's ministries are led by leaders.  Volunteers rally to strong leadership.  The success of your ministry rises and falls on the strength of the volunteer team you build.  Your leadership is needed now.  Your leadership will be needed just as much in the future.  Especially if you are reaching kids and their parents which is resulting in growth.

So, there you have it.  10 things that will never change in children's ministry.

Your turn. What are some other things that will never change?  Share your thoughts and insights in the comment section below.