Stay Focused On Your Mission

What is the mission of your ministry or organization?

Why do you exist?

Hopefully you have already defined what your mission is.  If not, sit down as a team and put in writing the purpose of your ministry.

Our mission is _____________________.

Then center all of your roles so they are focused on helping your ministry fulfill that mission.

Everything you do should be focused on fulfilling your mission.  Every role on your team should exist to help fulfill your mission.

When you align all of your roles around your mission, it helps every role stay connected to that one common purpose.  It's the "super glue" that keeps everyone and everything connected to your purpose.

People long to be part of something bigger than themselves.  They want a job or role that contributes to a singular, bigger and bolder purpose than just what they do by themselves.  So, if you truly want to rally your team around a common mission, then be very intentional about communicating it to your team members.  They will respond with enthusiasm and engagement. can you do that?  How can you create a common "purpose" that inspires and engages every person on your team?   Then, how can you help your team stay focused on that mission?

Start by providing them with the "why."  The why should guide everything you do.  The why of every role on your team should be pointed toward the same, common thing.  Helping fulfill the "why."  People's individually assigned tasks won't keep them motivated for the long haul.  But being part of the big mission, the big "why," will keep team members excited about what they do on a day-by-day basis.

It's not just about pushing your team members to complete their individual tasks, rather it is about rallying them to the big "why."  That has to be the foundation of each role on your team.
After you have everyone working toward the same mission, you have to continue to point them back to it.  Your mission is empowered by your culture.  In other words, how you do what you do must be focused on fulfilling the mission.

There is a natural tendency for team members to drift away from the mission if it is not constantly emphasized and highlighted.  As the leader, one of your biggest tasks must be to correct the drift and keep the team on course.

More than ever, it is crucial that you keep the ministry on course...pointed to the mission God has placed in your heart and the hearts of those you lead.

There are a lot of distractions right now, isn't there?  Watch the news and you'll quickly realized this.

Now is the time for you to lead strong.  Now is the time to lead with wisdom.  Now is the time to lead with purpose.  Now is the time to point people toward the mission.  Now is the time to keep people focused on the mission.

You can do this.  God has called you and empowered you to lead at such a time as this.

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