The Smallest Footprints

Those little footprints that follow in your steps?  One day they will be large footprints that make a huge impact in God's kingdom. 

You have been given the incredible responsibility to help lead and guide those footprints in the way they should go. 

We must always keep in mind that there is another generation that is following us.  Watching.  Inquiring.  Absorbing.  Imitating.

Your success will not be based on something that you pass along to the next generation.  Rather, it will be someone you passed on to the next generation. 

Guide them carefully.  Share wisdom from God with them.  Spend time praying for them and with them.  Help them get on a path that leads to Jesus. 

And always remember...there are a small set of footprints following you.  How does that inspire you and what action does that compel you toward?

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