Do Your Kids Have an Answer For This? If They Don't, They May Walk Away From the Faith.

We read the reports about kids growing up and walking away from the faith.  

A survey was done among a group of people who walked away.  They were asked 

"Why did you walk away?"

The number one answer was this - they said, 

"We don't believe anymore."

Somewhere along the way, they encountered a worldview that directly countered what they were taught growing up.  

But herein is the issue.  These people weren't taught WHY we believe the Bible is God's Word. And when they grew older and their faith was challenged, they had no answers.  Why did they not have any answers?  

I believe it's because we feed them weak, anemic, shallow lessons that didn't help them build a solid, strong faith. 

I believe we must teach the next generation solid doctrine and help them grasp why we believe the Bible is God's Word and Jesus is the only way to heaven.

The clock is ticking.  We cannot keep teaching what we are teaching and expect different results. Shallow teaching produces shallow faith.  The kind of faith that is tried by the heat and wilts under the pressure.    

Here is an example of what kids are facing today.  Watch and see if you think the children in your ministry or even your own children, could stand the heat.

We must teach the next generation apologetics or we will see even more of them walk away. 

Pranksters is a 4 lesson series that teaches kids why we believe the Bible is true. Churches across the country are using this series and seeing great results among their kids.  You can get more info. about bringing this to your ministry.  Click here to check it out.