7 Ways to Empower Parents

The biggest influence in a child's life is his or her parents. If that is true, then we need to spend time empowering parents.

We need to place tools in their hands that will set them up for success as a parent and spiritual leader in their home.

What does that look like? 

Here are 7 ways you can empower parents to lead their children spiritually.

Empower parents in prayer.

Create a prayer promise calendar for parents. Have a prayer promise for each day of the month.  Encourage parents to use this to pray for their children. 

Put a prayer promise from God's Word on the wall in each of your nursery and preschool environments.   Let parents know that each week the prayer will be prayed over their child.  Encourage them to join you and pray the same verse over their child at home. 

Empower parents in dedicating their child to Jesus.  One of the most important times to partner with parents is when they are ready to dedicate their child to the Lord.  This is one of the key times when parents open the door of their heart and are receptive to your insight and teaching about not only dedicating their children, but also how to raise them to love and follow Jesus. 

Empower parents in teaching their child about the Bible.  Offer a parent and child class about God's Word. Empower parents to lead their children to love God's Word as they enter their elementary years. It can be a life-changing experience as parents present their child with a Bible and speak a blessing over them.

Empower parents to lead their child to faith in ChristOffer a one-session class designed for kids who are interested in starting a relationship with Jesus. Use a class that is designed for kids and their parents to attend together.  Provides tools that parents can use to follow up with their children at home.

Empower parents to prepare their child for baptismHave a one session class for parents and their children that answers questions like...

  • What is baptism?
  • Why should I be baptized?
  • When should I be baptized?

Provide follow-up tools that parents can use to help prepare their children for baptism.  

Empower parents as they prepare for their child to graduate from children's ministry into student ministry. One of the key times parents are open to your guidance and input is when their child is transitioning from elementary to middle school. This can be a nervous and challenging time for parents.

This is one of the most critical times in children's ministry and it's vital to have a clear strategy for empowering kids and families.

Host a class for kids and families as they prepare for the move into middle school ministry. Create a solid bridge between your children's ministry and middle school ministry.

Host a parenting class.  We often lean on adult ministry to have parenting classes.  I believe it is time for children's ministries to step up and take the lead in having parenting classes.  One of the best tools you can give parents is a parenting class where they get strategies and Biblical parenting wisdom.

These empowering tools for parents are available for you. Hundreds of churches are using these resources and are making a big impact in the lives of parents and their children.  You can check these tools out at this link.  

Empowering parents is one of the most powerful things you can do to see their children love and follow Jesus for a lifetime.