An Inside Look at Gateway Church's Children's Ministry Building

Gateway Church is one of the largest congregations in the nation.  They reach thousands of children each week.  

Here is an inside look at their children's ministry facilities.  You can tell they have a huge heart for the next generation by the investment they have made.

A children's ministry is not buildings.  But great children's ministry buildings can help enhance your ministry.  

Take a look at the investment they have made and be inspired to create great spaces for children at your church. 

I know what many of you are thinking. 

"I don't have the budget to do something like this."

Here's what I would say in response.

Do something.  Take the resources God has given you and do what you can.  It might be as simple as painting some walls in kid-friendly colors.  You can do something.  And there are people in your church who would love to help you with this.  

When I first started in children's ministry many decades ago, I was serving at a small, country church. The kids space was in the basement in an old dingy room.  We only had 2-3 kids attending.  I had no budget to work with.  So here's what I did.  I painted a wooden sign to say "Clubhouse for Kids."  I went out and gathered up some branches and scrap wood and made that old room look like a clubhouse.  And guess what happened. We started to grow.  Why?  Kids love coming to a clubhouse. 

Okay. Enough of my rambling.  Here are the pictures.  Enjoy.