Talking to Your Pastor About Children's Ministry

As you lead in children's ministry, it's important to keep in communication with your pastor.

I would encourage you to request a meeting with your pastor a minimum of once a year.  If you are already doing this, that's awesome. 

Here are the questions you can ask.

What is your vision at this time for children's ministry?

How can I best minister to the families of our church?

What are some key teaching topics you'd like to see kids learn about this year?

How can we best support you as a ministry?

Is there anything new that you'd like us to consider trying?

Is there anything you feel needs to be changed or tweaked or stopped?

Is there anything you feel we are missing?

What are some wins for us this year?  

What does success look like for our children's ministry?

Often children's ministry leaders are hesitant to request a meeting with the pastor.  This may be because they feel like doing this is not important.  Or they feel like the pastor is not interested in children's ministry enough. Or they feel like they would be bothering the pastor.

Trust me. Your pastor would welcome this.  It only takes you taking the lead and initiating this.  

Our goal should be to translate our pastor's heart and vision into the children's ministry.

Your turn.  Do you currently meet with your pastor about children's ministry?  Why or why not?

If so, how often?

What other advice would you recommend for meeting with the pastor?

Share your ideas and insight in the comment section below.