Follow the Dots

I was at Northshore Church in the Seattle area this past weekend.  

While I was there, I was looking for ideas that I could pass along to other ministries. Something caught my eye that I want to share with you. 

In the hallways and stairs, there were dots on the floor. The dots were used for way finding purposes.

For example, if you have a 3-year-old, the blue dots would lead you to the right room.  Or if you have a 4th grader, the green dots would lead you to the 4th grade room.  

While you should always walk first-time guests to their room, the dots are very helpful.  Especially after service, when your guests are trying to locate which room their child is in.  If you tell them to follow a certain color of dot, it will make it much easier to find their child's room.  

I've included some pictures that I took.  For clarity, they still have room signs above the doors to help people locate the rooms. With the dots added in as well, it makes easier for parents (especially first-time-guests) to find the way to their child's room. 

You can get dots like this from your local printing company or you might even be able to create them in-house.