Your Greatest Need in Children's Ministry

What is your greatest need in children's ministry?  

I have asked hundreds of children's ministry leaders this question and they all answer the same way.

"I need more volunteers."

If I were to ask you that question, I'm 99% sure you would say the same thing. 

It has nothing to do with church size.  From the largest children's ministries in the nation to the church that is in a smaller, rural setting, you need more volunteers. 

I learned this when I first started serving in children's ministry.  

The success of your ministry rises and falls on the strength of your volunteer team.

Without volunteers, there is no children's ministry.  Volunteers are the wonderful people who make ministry happen.  Your job as a ministry leader is to enlist volunteers, equip volunteers, engage volunteers and empower volunteers. 

If you have never read my book "The Formula for Building Great Volunteer Teams," it's a must read for anyone who serves in a ministry that involves volunteers. 

Here are a few highlights from the chapters.

Chapter 1 - Enlisting Your Team

The most effective way to build a volunteer team is through personal invitations.  87 - 93% of people who serve, do so because someone personally asked them to.

Chapter 2 - Equipping Your Team 

Equipping new volunteers sets them up for success.  Give them a clear volunteer job description.  Communicate with them. You can't keep people in the dark all week and then expect them to shine on Sunday. 

Chapter 3 - Engaging Your Team 

How long volunteers stay on your team depends on the depth of the relationships they build with the people they serve with.  Help volunteers get connected with other volunteers. 

Chapter 4 - Encourage Your Team

Over 60% of people who volunteer say they've never personally been thanked for serving.  We must consistently encourage volunteers and show we care more about them as a person than about what they do in the ministry.

Chapter 5 - Empowering Your Team

It's not what you can do, it's what you can empower others to do for the work of the ministry.  Empower your volunteers and let them lead. 

A good children's ministry leader is powerful.  A great children's ministry leader is empowering. 

I am confident that these 5 principles can help you build a great volunteer team.  I have personally used this formula to build great volunteer teams in the churches where I have served.  

You can get your copy of the book for only $12.  If you have a team of leaders, it's a great resource to read and study together.  

You can get the book at this link.

It has been called the best book ever written on the subject.  Get your copy today.