The Rope Reminder

I keep the rope you see in my office at home.  The rope is exactly 168 inches long.  See the blue tape section of the rope in the next picture?

The blue tape part is only an inch long. 

Here's what it represents.  There are 168 hours in a week.  For most kids, we only have the opportunity to minister to them for one hour a week. The blue tape represents the one hour we have.  It's a great reminder that our time is limited to minister to kids when they come to church.

We must be committed to making that one hour count.    

What are you doing with that one hour?  What are you teaching?  What are you investing in?  What is your strategy for that one hour?  Do you use that one hour haphazardly or do you have a plan for helping kids know and follow Jesus?  

One day we will give account for how we used that one hour.  Will we be found good and faithful servants who served with an urgency in that one hour?  

How much effort do you put into preparing for that one hour?  Do you glance at the lesson plan at the stoplights on the way to church on Sunday morning?  Do you "wing it?" 

I hope this week we will remember just how important the limited amount of time we have with the kids is and that our commitment will be to make every hour...every minute...every second count.