What Defines Today's Kids? See the Latest

Today's kids are not the same as yesterday's kids. You were a kid in the past, but not today. Many things have changed since you were a kid.  Let's look at the latest information that helps define today's kids. 
The only child.  There are more "only child" children than ever before. 

Home-schooled. A record number of kids are home-schooled. This can create strong desires to connect with other children.  Hence many home-school families are looking to connect with other home-school families.

Today's children love petsChildren who own pets is at an all-time high.  Children often see their pets as family members whom they grow up with.

Technology. Today's kids have always had technology. It's as natural as breathing air for them. Today's kids have access to unlimited information about people and any topic you can think of.  
The pandemic has had a big effect on this. Children couldn't play and interact with their friends at school, in their neighborhood or on the ball field.  They have been limited to shared digital experiences.  

These shared digital experiences have opened the door for kids to connect digitally with existing friends.  They also have the opportunity to make new friends that have become part of their "tribe" and "their people."  

Kids make friends through TikTok communities, YouTube videos and Google searches.  Parents have to make sure their children are in safe online environments.
Digital identities.  The line between reality and fantasy continues to blur.  Kids can be whoever they want to be online.  Many are now adopting this line of thought - "If they can be that online, then why can't they be that in real life?"

Be yourselfMore and more often, kids are being encouraged to express themselves and be true to "who they are."  This is out of a concern for kids' "physical and mental well-being."  This also leads to kids finding their friendship circles with other kids who think and act like this. 

Enter their world. It is vital that we, as children's ministry leaders, keep up with what today's kids like, feel and pursue. We are missionaries to kids (FYI - the greatest mission field in the world).  We must learn all we can about children so we can effectively connect with them and reach them for Christ.