An Inside Look at the Children's Ministry of Willow Creek Community Church

I had the privilege of spending this past weekend at Willow Creek Community Church. 

They have a dynamic children's ministry.  Here is an insider's look at their children's ministry space which they remodeled in the last few years. 

Of course, we know that it's not buildings that changes lives. Rather, it is the power of the Gospel.  

That being said, space does matter. A church that makes a major investment in children's ministry space will see the benefits. 

Subpar children's ministry space will make your ministry seem worse than it really is. But an excellent children's ministry space will make your ministry seem better than it really is. 

Here are some of the pictures I took of their children's ministry space.  You may not be able to spend millions of dollars on your kids' spaces, but you can do something.  

I trust this will inspire all of us to do everything we can to create great spaces and environments for children with the ultimate goal of seeing them become lifelong followers of Jesus.