Don't Forget These 5 Things During the Christmas Ministry Season

If you are in ministry, Christmas can be a tough gig.  Multiple services. Long hours. Special events.  Christmas parties to attend.  

The most wonderful time of the year can become the busiest time of the year.

As you are quickly going into this season here are 5 things to remember.

Family matters most.

Don't get so busy that you neglect your family.  There is a lot of things vying for your attention during the Christmas season.  

Yes...there will be extra hours clamoring for your attention.  

Yes...there will be an expectation to do whatever it takes to make Christmas special for those who attend your services.  

Yes...your priorities will be put to the test. 

But don't let your family suffer because of this.  Yes...take care of your responsibilities. But use wisdom in determining how much time you will spend on projects or programming.  85% is okay.  Don't lose your family because you will do whatever it takes to make that extra 15% happen.

Attend a service with your family.

Make sure you have your responsibilities covered so you can attend a service with your family.  Your kids need to remember you singing Christmas carols with them and seeing your smiling face in the glow of Christmas candles.

Give Jesus your best gift. 

Help your family understand that Christmas is all about the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Him coming.  Jesus should get your best gift.  Teach your family by example that Jesus deserves your best gift. Give toward your church's Christmas offering.  Give toward outreach programs that help the poor and needy during Christmas.  

Choose memories over stuff. 

Instead of spending all your Christmas money on gifts, consider using the money to make a memory together.  

What if you cut back on the gifts you give your children and instead go on a trip together?   

We've all seen our children when they are younger open a present and then spend more time playing with the box or wrappings than with the actual present.  

When your kids are grown up one day, let their memories be about the time you spent with them.  Time you spent taking them to a special place.  Time you spent doing fun activities together.'s...




In that order.

Don't lose sight of Jesus

If you are not intentional, you can lose sight of Jesus during the Christmas season.  You get so busy with Christmas services that you neglect your time with Jesus.  You get so immersed in the details that you don't have time to worship Jesus.  You get so bogged down that you are just trying to survive everything that has been put on your plate.

There are many kids who grew up with their parents working at the church non-stop during the Christmas season and now they are bitter about it.  Don't be that family.

If you are mindful and keep your right priorities in check, Christmas truly can be the greatest time of the year for your family.