An Easter Lesson That Will Engage the Kids in Your Ministry

Easter is fast approaching and with it comes a great opportunity to engage kids with the Good News of the resurrection. 
But with today's kids comes a challenge.  How do you capture their attention and help them understand what Jesus has done for them?  
With this in mind, I created an Easter lesson for children that it is interactive, engaging, and full of fun, and faith building truths.

The lesson is called - "C.S.I. Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?"  This stand-alone lesson takes kids deep into the message of the resurrection.  

Kids are enlisted to the C.S.I. (Christ Scene Investigation) and they work with an online team of investigators to see if there is any proof of Jesus rising from the dead. 
Easter is one of the most important days of a ministry year.  Easter is also one of the times each year, when unchurched people are open to attending.

We have a big opportunity at Easter to share with lots of kids and families why we believe Jesus rose from the dead.

I believe this is one reason it is crucial to have a lesson ready that creatively shares the Gospel with kids.

This led me to create an Easter lesson that would be engaging, relevant, and clearly shared the Gospel.

The lesson I created is called "C.S.I."  The letters stand for "Christ Scene Investigation."

CSI turns the kids into investigative reporters.  The content is highly engaging, relevant and interactive.  Kids are drawn into the investigation about Jesus' rising from the dead.
Here's what a few of the churches who have used it have to say.

"My purpose sending you this email is to THANK YOU for the idea of C.S.I = Christ Scene Investigation. (I'm a fan of your website). We decided to take this theme last Friday to bring our kids to experience the death investigation of Jesus. It went sooo great. The kids loved it and we had so much fun. You can find the photos attached :)  More than that, the kids experienced Jesus as we shared that when they seek Jesus they will find Jesus, as what Mary Magdalene did when she looked for the body of the Lord. It's a beautiful view looking at the kids touched by His presence and they can see and hear that Jesus loves them. It brings us to new level of faith to build His Kingdom in the life of little children. All glory to Him."   -Okina Tambunan, Jakarta, Indonesia

"I wanted to write a review for the CSI program we ordered from you - but was not able to find a spot. BUT... I had to tell you we used CSI this past easter with a twist - instead of the videos of the crime scenes had actual actors and the kids travelled with us to the scenes that were set up in our transformed classrooms. We also added an escape room feel to the tomb with invisible ink and messages from Jesus. The kids absolutely loved it and my volunteers raved about the depth of discussions it opened up with the kids. After service every kid I saw was super excited to tell the adults all about the experience. So I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and excellent job of making a program that was video based and actually interactive and then sending out the scripts so we could investigate alongside the kids. (many Kids asked how captain crunch'n'munch was able to see them and had to investigate the TV we were using) **"   
-Fay Haataja, Journey Church, Cloquet, MN.


This lesson is also a great way to teach kids apologetics for the resurrection. It takes kids on a deeper diver to help them know why we can know Jesus rose from the dead.

Includes a ready-to-print evidence recorder book that kids use during the investigation.

Delivered Electronically - Instant Download


  • investigative I.D. badge for each child (ready to print)
  • evidence recorder book for each child (ready to print)
  • graphics for posters, promoting, etc.
  • slide graphics for Power Point, Pro Presenter, Media Shout, Key Note
  • interactive lesson videos
  • lesson plan that can be used in large group format, small group format, traditional classroom format or mid-week format
  • lesson connects with all learning styles
  • lesson incorporates hands on, experiential learning
  • games that bring together fun and learning

Click here to see lesson sample.

Click to see sample of CSI student investigation booklet.
You get everything including the videos for only $29.  You will have access to all of the files immediately when you sign up.   

Get ready for a great day of reaching kids and families for Jesus!  You will see fruit.