Why Is Reaching Children So Important?

At my church, part of the new members' process is to share the aspect of serving.  

We know serving is an essential part of growing in your faith. 

Anyways, we bring the new church members around the church and share about all of the serving opportunities that are available.  

We call this the "voluntour." Yesterday, we had a great group of new volunteer prospects.  When they got to the children's area, the host began to talk about serving in children's ministry. 

She did an okay job, but she focused on the "what" and used the word "need" several times.  I stepped in and asked to address the group of prospective volunteers.  

I immediately brought everyone to the "why."   

I shared that I believe that children's ministry is the greatest, most strategic ministry in the church. Children are the greatest mission field. 

I shared that we are looking for people who feel the same way to join us in the mission.

I also touched on the opportunity it provides to leave a legacy.  100 million years from know it wouldn't matter what kind of car you drove.  How many sq. feet your house was. How big your bank account was.  

No.  None of this matters in the end.  What does matter are the kids and parents you reached and ministered to.  

I shared with all my heart how important children's ministry is.  It is the church of today and tomorrow.  We must be committed to passing on the faith to the next generation, lest they forget it's importance and not make it a priority.

What you are doing is important. 

What you teach to the next generation matters.

The example you are setting is molding the faith of the next generation.

Be encouraged today.  Your labor is not in vain.  You are a difference maker. 

I pray the group on yesterday's "voluntour" group caught that.  I pray God is going to lead many of them to join us.

There is no greater mission field in the world.