3 Things I Do During VBS

Our church is having VBS this week.  It is one of the busiest weeks of the year for us.  But it is worth it a thousand times over.  In fact, it is worth it even if only one child learns about how awesome Jesus is. 

How do I spend my time during VBS?  Thanks for asking.  As the children's ministry pastor, there are three things I do.  I believe these three things are the best way I can invest my time. 

During VBS, I greet kids and their parents as they are entering and leaving. 

Remember the country church where the pastor stood at the door and said goodbye to everyone as they were leaving?  That is what I am going for when I do this.  I make it fun by wearing a big pair of goofy gloves and giving kids a high-five as they are entering and leaving.

My goal is for every child to feel welcomed and special.  The kids and parents love it when I do this. 

During VBS, I also walk around and connect with as many volunteers as I can.   

I thank them for serving and making a difference in the lives of the kids and parents who attend.  

Without volunteers, there would be no VBS.  I want them to feel recognized, appreciated, and valued. 

The last thing I do during VBS is to connect with kids.

I interact with as many kids as possible.  I look kids in the eyes and encourage them.  I tell them how glad we are that they are here.  I speak positive words to them and let them know that I am proud of them.  I share with them that Jesus is real and loves them.  

These three things are my priority during VBS.  What do you focus on?  Would love to hear your thoughts and insight.  Share in the comment section below.