Why I Believe Kids Should Be Still and Quiet in Church

When you read the title of this article, you may have been surprised.  

Kids need to sit still at church?

Kids need to be quiet at church?

Doesn't sound like the best strategy, does it?

I mean...kids are wired to move. Kids are wired to be active.  Kids are wired to make noise. Kids are wired to play games.  Kids are wired to talk. 

This is all true and our programs should be a reflection of this. 

But yes...being still and quiet should be part of our kids' services, classes, programs, etc. as well.

Here's what I mean. 

We should create an environment where kids have an opportunity to get still and quiet before God.  An opportunity for them to listen quietly and hear the still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit.  An opportunity to talk with God and commune with Him.

If you will block out some time for this, you will be amazed how they will engage.  Here are a few tips for this. 

Have the kids bow their heads and close their eyes. 

Explain that it is important to do this so that they won't get distracted.  If their eyes are open, they will have a hard time focusing on talking to and listening to God.

Play some gentle music in the back ground that will help them settle down for a few minutes. 

Then have total silence.  No one moving around.  No one talking.  No one with their eyes open.  No one causing a stir.  

Give kids a minute or so to silently talk with God.  

Have the kids simply listen in the quietness of the moment. 

Finally, have a few kids share what God spoke to them about. You will be amazed at what they say. 

I believe a great kids' service will blend both silence and noise into a great worship service. 

Yes..I know today's kids have extremely short attention spans. But I have also seen them respond in reverence and focused attention when you invite them to connect with God through prayer. 

When kids are given the opportunity to be still and quiet for a few minutes, you will see God work in their life.  God can do more in a minute than we can do in a lifetime.  

When kids encounter God, their discipleship will be expanded.  

When kids encounter God, they will begin to walk with Him as you also challenge them to make time to talk with God each day during the week. 

When kids pause the noise for a few minutes, they will be able to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

I believe the most important part of the service happens during those times of prayer and listening to God.

If you haven't checked out my curriculum...called C12...you should do so at this link.  Each lesson has time written in for quiet times with God.

Should kids be still and quiet in church?  Absolutely...for a few minutes. 

Should kids experience quiet times of prayer at church?  For sure.

Remember...God can do more in a second than we can do in a lifetime.  I challenge you to be committed to this.