10 Reasons Why Men Should Be Serving in Children's Ministry

Children's ministry has always been a women's led program.  

Go to any children's ministry conference and you will see there are more women than men attending. 

Walk into any church and you will see more women than men serving in children's ministry. 

Check out the website of any children's ministry and you will see more women than men listed.

The bottom line is this...we need more men serving in children's ministry. Here are 10 reasons why...

#1 - We have boys who need a role model.   

Many boys who walk in the doors of our churches come from a single parent home.  Men can be a good role model for them.  They can mentor boys and help fill the gap that many of them feel when their father walks out the door.

#2 - Boys need men that they can look up to.

I am so thankful for women who serve in children's ministry. But I also know that men carry a different kind of influence.  The kind of influence that will be the difference in seeing them grow up to love and follow Jesus. 

#3 - Girls need a father figure that they can connect with.

There is a "daddy gap" that is often left when a girl doesn't have a father figure in their life.  Men who serve in children's ministry can help fill that gap with positive influence.

#4 - Children's ministry is the greatest mission field in the world and offers men the opportunity to make a big difference in the hearts of others.

If men want to make a real difference, point them toward children's ministry.  That is where it is at!  They will see immediate fruit and fruit down the road from the seeds they planted.

#5 - Children's ministry was and is important to Jesus.

Remember what happened when the disciples tried to block kids from seeing Jesus?  He quickly gave the children His full attention as He welcomed them and worked in their lives. He quickly let His disciples know that children's ministry was a top priority.

#6 - Kids need good role models.

Kids need godly male leaders that can show them what it means to follow Jesus with sincerity and passion.

#7 -  Kids need men who can help disciple them between the ages of 4 to 14.   

We know that between the ages of 4 and 14 are the most important discipleship years in a person's life.  Kids world view is formed during this time.  The clock is ticking.  Men must step up to the plate and help pass along the faith to the coming generation.

#8 - Men can partner with parents and encourage them to disciple their children. We know that parents are the primary faith builders in a child's life. Men who serve in children's ministry can partner with fathers and help them with this monumental task.They can reinforce what is being shared at home.

#9 - Men bring balance.   

This takes being intentional about inviting men to serve.  With the best of intentions, we have unknowingly sent a message that says children's ministry is for women only.  We give away "tote bags."  We decorate with a feminine expression for training and parties.  We talk about "love" and "relationships."  All of these point toward children's ministry being for women only.  If we are going to see more men serving in children's ministry, we are going to have to change this.

#10 - Boys will follow men.

Boys feel more freedom to share their input, ideas, prayer requests, etc. with a man in many situations.  Older teenage boys have an incredible opportunity to influence young boys.  This is who young boys look up to and aspire to be like.  

So how does it look in your ministry?  Is the majority of your volunteers females?  

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